Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ' And I said 'Here am I, Send me!' "

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  • Disqualified To Qualified/ Redeemed, Forgiven, Called (Accompanying Song: Not Guilty By Mandisa)

    It is both amazing and humbling to me to think that God can take a disqualified person like me and make me qualified in His Son Jesus to preach His Love to the world. Everyday He is making me new and qualifying me to teach about different things. For example forgiveness. Sometimes I struggle in this area, but God continues to help me grow in this area qualifying me to share how His power helps me to overcome any unforgiveness in my heart.
    God never owed me anything, in fact I owed Him. God knew I couldn’t pay my debt so He paid it for me and He gave me everything. All I want is to serve Him all the days of my life.

    In my walk with God the enemy constantly tries to make me feel disqualified because of my sins, he tries to make me feel like I’m not worthy of God’s calling for my life. But everytime the enemy tries to make me feel this way I am reminded by God that I am His and that in Jesus I am qualified. I was recently in a time like this and God reminded me that my best to Him is as filthy rags because of my sin, so even if I did everything I could to do right on my own it still wouldn’t be enough. That it is only in Jesus that I am forgiven and God has the authority to forgive me and so if He says I am forgiven then I am forgiven and nothing can change that. The enemy has no place to tell me I am unforgiven, he doesn’t have the authority in the first place because I belong to God in Christ Jesus.

    So today if you are feeling unworthy, disqualified, or unforgiven I want to pray with you because God wants you to know that He loves you and that in Jesus you are forgiven of any sins. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, if you are in Christ you are made new and today is a new day. God has a calling for your life and He will prepare you for it, just trust Him. In Jesus you are worthy, you are qualified, and you are forgiven.

    Father God, we praise You and thank you for Your amazing Love. We thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins and pay the debt we could not pay. Father God, we ask that You would forgive us for our sins and that You would help us to be more like Jesus. We ask that you would prepare our hearts for the calling You have on each and everyone of our lives and that You would brings us to where You want us to be. Father God we ask for Your Love to shine through us so that others can see You and that You give us the courage to share Your Word with others. I pray that all those who hear Your Word Father God would be touched by Your Holy Spirit and that they would find healing and rest in Your Loving arms. In Jesus Name I pray Amen

    Accompanying Song: Not Guilty By Mandisa

    Accompanying Song: I Am New By Jason Gray


  • Who We Are In Jesus

    God has shown me over the past year the importance of knowing who I am in Him. To constantly seek what He says about me in His Word. God has shown me that when I depend on the acceptance of others and what others think of me is when I am my weakest. When we focus on others acceptance and opinions of us we take our focus off of God and that is never good. Our value and who we are is not found in people or things, it is only in Jesus that we can find who we are.

    God wants to be known, He wants us to see who He is, and listen to Him. But most of the time we don’t take the time to seek Him, persue a stronger relationship, and listen to Him. The same thing that others do to us by not giving us some of thier time to get to know us is what we do to God whenever we don’t take time to spend with Him. When we don’t spend time with God we suffer for it because without God we will never know what our purpose is, without God we just exist, we spend our lives striving to fill a void in our hearts, we fall for the traps and the lies the enemy sets in our way, ultimately coming to ruin. God is the only one who has the answers to your questions and His way never fails. Our whole lives should be consumed by God, He should be our focus, our reason to live, the very air we breathe.

    God created man and breathed in Him the breath of life. Every breath we’ve taken since is because of God. Life starts with God and it ends with God. Through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ we are forgiven of our sins and can come before God without shame, we can live knowing we are covered in the Righteousness of Christ, and through Jesus we can have a relationship with God. God showed how much He loved us whin sending His only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. We are loved by the God of the Universe, what more could we ask for ? In seeking God I find great joy, I find more about who I am as He directs my path, and when I stay focused on Him I feel loved and accepted even when others don’t accept me.

    Today let us take time to read the Bible and see what God says about us, read how Jesus says we should live and read how much He loves us, and to pray and ask God to help us live as He wants us to live and to help us overcome anything that tries to convince us that we are not worthy, not loved, or that we are alone.

    In Jesus we are forgiven and in Him we are made new.identity 7


  • God-Ordained Frienships

    One of the things that I’ve struggled with over and over again is how people receive me. I’ve met many different people and I have found myself feeling like I didn’t fit in or maybe I wasn’t good enough. As people we all want to love and be loved by others and to know that there are people who like us for who we are. I’ve learned over time that it’s ok if people don’t accept me, get me, or even like me for that matter. Cause the truth of the matter is, not everyone is for you. There are some people that God hasn’t written into your life story, and that’s ok. It doesn’t always mean they don’t like you or don’t want to be with you, and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or them. It could very well be that they just are not for you. or maybe they are for you, just not for this particular season of your life. To explain what I mean, I’ll tell a story that really happened in my own life:

    There was a girl who went to the same church as me about five years back. I had seen her many times leaving church with her mom, but niether of us had spoken to each other before and at the time I didn’t know her name. A couple years later I went to a college Bible study at a different church and I had asked for prayer. After the study was over, a girl came up to me, introduced herself as Cathy, and asked if she could pray with me. We prayed together and I was very touched by what she had done. We continued to talk at meetings and when my mom saw Cathy she told me that she had seen her before. When she said that I realised that Cathy was the girl that had gone to the church I had gone to a few years back. Coming back into present day Cathy who I had never talked to five years prior is now like a sister to me. God knew what friend I needed when I needed her. I didn’t have to be somebody I wasn’t or chase her down and try to force a friendship.God brought us together in His time. We love each other for who God made us as individuals, we love to talk about God, and we keep each other accountable, the definition of a true friendship.

    From this story what I’m trying to say is that although we had never talked five years before it didn’t mean that we didn’t like each other or that we even had an opinion of each other, but in reality God had written our friendship for a later time in our lives. God is really cool like that, He knows what you need when you need it and that includes friends. God will bring the friends he has for you into your life. One thing I’ve noticed about God-ordained friendships is that they are usually a group of people that are so different but their love for God and the fellowship they have together is what holds them together.
    So don’t be upset if you feel like you don’t have friends, God has friends for you and He will bring them in due time, when you least expect it.

    mandy 2