Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ' And I said 'Here am I, Send me!' "

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God Hears Your Prayers

God hears your prayers no matter where you are, what time it is. No matter how big or small they are God is right there listening. God is listening so much so that He can hear the thoughts of your heart. God sees all that is going on within us at all times, He never looks away or turns His back. God knows where you are and what you are going through whether it’s good or bad. God loves you so much that when your heart breaks, His heart breaks. The only one who can keep God from helping you, is you. If you don’t want His help then He won’t make you take it, but if you do He is right there to give it to you. God wants to hear from you, He loves to talk to His children. God wants to have a relationship with you and in order to have any relationship it takes communication. Whether you are really happy and things are gong great or heart broken and filled with sorrow God wants to hear from you. God wants to know when we are thankful and when we have a need. The Bible says we have not because we ask not, it also says to make your requests known to God. If there is something you want to talk to God about, whether it is a prayer of thanks and joy, or for a need, or for a broken heart take some time to pray to God and He will hear you.



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