Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ' And I said 'Here am I, Send me!' "

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  • The Bible and Science: Science Nerd Alert

    When I was in school my favorite subjects were Bible, Science, and History. It is often said that the three negate one another however I have found that to be far from the truth.

    (You’ll have to bear with me for this one.)
    When I was in school we had to do science experiments. We learned early on that in a science experiment you need a constant and variables. Without a constant the experiment is considered an inconclusive or failed experiment. One year I chose to do a project on acids and bases. Using boiled red cabbage water (which is purple) as an indicator I was able to test the acidity of various fruits. By placing each fruit into the water I could tell the acidity levels of each one. A lemon turned the water red indicating that it was highly acidic the other end of the spectrum was the banana which did not change the water at all indicating there was little to no acidity in a banana. My constant showed me the true nature of all of my variables.

    Now moving on to the Bible. The Bible talks a lot about fruit. In Galatians 5:22-23 it talks about the fruits of the Spirit. In Matthew 7:17-18 Jesus talks about a good tree vs a bad tree the type of fruit it produces. The fruits of our decisions can positively or negatively affect our lives and the people around us.
    In my life the Bible has always been my constant. The indicator that tells me what is good for me vs what is bad for me. By testing my own ideas, my own opinions, my own life choices with it I have been able to determine that which is good for me and that which is bad.

    The Bible also talks about that which we reap we will also sow. I often ask myself when making a decision:
    “Will this decision only affect me?” “If not how can it negatively or positively affect the people around me?” “Is it worth it?” “What does the Bible say about it?” In Proverbs we are given many verses that explain the outcome of various actions.

    When held against the choices we make (the fruit or the variables) what does the indicator (the Bible or the constant) say? I have used this method over and over in my life. I wish I could say I’ve made the best decisions every single time sadly I can not. I have made poor decisions but not without an understanding of the consequences of my actions and the outcomes were not good. Ultimately what I’m saying is as far as science experiments go I have learned that the Bible is my life’s constant and the outcome when I headed it’s warnings were good and when I chose to ignore them were not. With every decision we make we are accountable not only to ourselves but to the people that surround us. Will the fruit of those decisions be good and life giving? Or will they be bad and cause pain and suffering? The choice is up to us really.


  • The Power of Choices

    A few weeks ago I was on my break at work listening to worship music and praying. While I was worshiping I felt God showing me the power of choice. While I was worshiping God said to me “I gave my own Son a choice. What makes you think I wouldn’t give you one too?”
    What God was saying to me was that when Jesus was in the garden of Gethesemane Jesus had a choice: a choice to go to the cross, suffering a pain and punishment like no man had experienced before for the redemption of all mankind or to walk away from the punishment He didn’t deserve. Jesus chose to go to the cross and in three days He rose again redeeming all of mankind. From this part of what God was showing me, He expounded. God showed me how Lucifer was given a choice. Lucifer was head of all of the worship in Heaven until one day he decided that he wanted to try to exalt himself above God. God gave Lucifer a choice and He gave the angels an opportunity to choose. 1/3 of the angels went with Lucifer. Now Lucifer is known as Satan, the enemy of man, but because of Jesus’ choice to go to the cross Satan is also known as defeated.
    So if God allowed Jesus to choose and He allowed Lucifer to choose what makes us think that He won’t allow us to choose.

    People get angry at God because bad things happen, the same people that say they are mad that God allows bad things say they don’t want to serve Him because He doesn’t give you a choice, He doesn’t let you do what you want to do. It’s like no matter what God were to do they wouldn’t be happy. If He allows man to choose bad things can and will happen if man is not in God when making the decision, but if He were to not give them a choice than they would be mad.

    Here is the thing: God gives everyone a choice but God also gives us the better option and warns us what will happen if we don’t choose correctly. In man having a choice it leaves us open to make the wrong choices. Because of our fallen nature our ability to see is clouded. Adam and Eve had a choice in the garden and they chose wrong. God gave them a choice: life or death, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or to live in the garden walking with God. Adam and Eve forfeited the garden for one piece of fruit.
    Although everything fell there is something that didn’t change in the garden and that is the power of a man’s choice. Man still has a choice and man’s choices can still make a huge impact but our fallen nature allows us to choose incorrectly. Satan clouds our judgement making our ability to see the right choices clouded. Jesus is the only one Who can redeem our choices and help us see the right things to do. It is through Jesus man’s decision making is redeemed.

    Every choice that you make impacts everyone around you, not just yourself. Lucifer chose hell, Adam and Eve chose to listen to the serpent causing all of mankind to live under the curse, Jesus chose the cross and redemption for all mankind. If God gave each and every one of them a choice whether it be good or bad what makes us think we are exempt. Our choices are powerful, they can change everything. Every choice impacts more than just you. Never forget that there is great power in your choices.

    God allows all to choose. God knows true love is chosen not forced. So you can choose not to serve Him but in doing so you open yourself up to the consequences that go along with not doing so and that means bad things will come out of it. In God’s Word it says that the penalty of sin is death. So if you choose not to serve God you will be headed straight towards that penalty. Ultimately serving God is your choice but you have to ask yourself if you want to reap the consequences of not choosing Him. God has His promises written in His Word for those who follow Him. God will uphold His people those who have chosen Him. The enemy is a lie and he has been deceiving people since the garden but God’s Words are true. When making decisions it is important to seek God. Every being in existence has a choice make sure you make the right ones.