Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ' And I said 'Here am I, Send me!' "

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  • God’s Provision/The Heart Of God

    Yesterday God gave me an awesome opportunity and in that opportunity He provided as well. Every time I get my paycheck I always pull aside a tithe. The amount of the tithe depending on what God shows me to give. This last week I had some things I needed to get so I had to pull extra money out of my check to do so. Which by the end left me with $20 for myself which needed to last me two weeks. For this weeks tithe I felt like God was showing me to give $40, but because I was so short I was very much tempted to only give $30 because it would have been considered 10%. I thought the extra $10 would help me get by better. But after a quick run through in my mind I stopped and told myself “no! There is a lot you can do but cheating God is not one of them. I will not take from God for myself.” So I gave the full $40. Not too much after that the money I had set aside for myself for the two weeks had dwindled to $5 and I still have a lot of days to go.
    But yesterday it snowed and as much as I hate snow God used it to bless me. In my town there is an ordinance that the snow must be shoveled off the sidewalk within 24 hrs. So whenever it snows my neighbors and I all help each other shovel snow to get it done faster.
    My next door neighbor is unable to shovel his driveway and sidewalk so my brother and I always go next door and shovel for him. We never ask for anything we just do it knowing he really needs our help. Yesterday he insisted on paying us (which we never ask for and refuse if he ever offers but he was very adamant about us taking the money). I was surprised at this not because he isn’t a generous man but because we’ve always had this understanding that helping each other is what neighbors do. He insisted we take the money and so we did and he gave me $20. I thought back to the beginning of the week when I had thought to take $10 from my tithe and I realized that God had provided for me because I had chosen to give to Him what He had asked instead of holding onto it selfishly. I trusted that God would do what needed to be done with this tithe and that He had laid the amount on my heart for a reason. Because I was faithful, God provided for me just like He promises. You see, we don’t give to God to get and we don’t give to God because God needs our money. God doesn’t need our money but what He wants is our obedience. Tithing is for others but also for us. When we give we are trusting God to use it for His purposes, we are trusting Him to take care of our needs, we are helping others in their need, we are learning to be selfless, to give of ourselves, and we are getting a glimpse of God’s heart. God loves to give to His children and by giving to others we get to see that, we get to be a part of it. We learn selflessness and compassion. God gave us Jesus, a Promise, Salvation, He didn’t hold back. God provides all His children’s needs. From the Spiritual to the physical there is no need that God can not fill.


  • Showing Jesus’ Love/Giving All Year Round (Accompanying Song: My Own Little World By Matthew West)

    Every year around Christmas time we stop thinking only of ourselves and take the time to give, to love, to hope. I’ve been told by someone very close to me that “Although we may not think about it, what changes at Christmas time that is different throughout the year is that we not only give but we focus all of our attention on Jesus. We focus on Jesus, on giving, on helping others who need it. Our attention is no longer on ourselves but as it should be showing the love of Jesus and thinking of others before ourselves.”

    At Christmas time we focus on Jesus (all of our time and attention is on God), we worship Him through Christmas songs (about the birth of Jesus and His Holiness), we think of others before ourselves(giving gifts to others and truly thinking about who they are as a person and what we know about them), we have generous hearts (wanting to give and seeing the joy on the persons’ face is thanks enough, not expecting anything in return), and we go the extra mile to show love to others(volunteering at food drives, donating jackets, baking meals at soup kitchens etc.). We don’t realize the impact we are making at Christmastime. Christmastime shows us how much better our lives, our attitudes, and our impact can be if we would focus on Jesus and following His commands. What would it be like if we lived like this all year round ? Think about all of the opportunities we miss to show Jesus’ love to others because we are not focused on Him.

    So this year after Christmas is over and the new year comes I challenge you to focus on Jesus and your relationship with Him, what He has done for you, give to those in need not just in things but in time and by showing you care. Even if you feel like you have nothing to offer give what you have (sharing the love of Jesus, friendship, taking time to listen to someone who needs to know they are heard, helping someone with a task or chore, etc.) It’s the little things that we say and do that may not seem like much, that mean the world to someone else.

    Accompanying Song: My Own Little World By Matthew West


  • God’s Blessings/Giving Thanks Everyday/The Joy of Giving

    God will supply all of your needs. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we will all sit down with our families, enjoy a delicious dinner, and thank God for all that He has blessed us with. It’s important that everyday we give thanks to God for His many blessings. As people it’s easy sometimes to focus on the things we don’t have instead of what we do have, but it’s important that we understand the difference between wants and needs. The promise of God is that He will supply our needs, the promise does not cover our wants. God promises our needs, but not our wants. Does that mean God never gives us what we want ? Sometimes He does, but it’s up to Him if He feels we should have it. Our hearts have to be right. Jesus told us that the Father would supply our needs and that we shouldn’t worry because He will provide. Jesus also told us to ask the Father when we have a need. God aleady knows what we need and when we need it, but there is a reason why He instructed us to ask.

    In God’s Word He tells us to ask Him when we need something. God wants us to have a proactive relationship with Him and part of that is asking Him when we need something. For example growing up, do you remember going to your dad with a request for something you needed because he was the one who would get you the things you needed ? The same is with our heavenly Father, He wants us to come to Him and ask.

    Also God wants to bless us, in fact He has so many blessings for us that we often times miss most of them because we are not walking in His will or we are not being obedient to receive them. God loves a thankful heart, a giving heart, and a willing heart. God wants to bless us but we must first be thankful for what we have, take care of what He has given us, and be willing to give it up if He asks us to. Remember God will never ask you to give something up without giving you something better, but we must be willing to give. I’m not saying God is going to give you money, cars, or even things in general when you give to others. When we give we recieve treasures in Heaven and the blessing of knowing that we pleased God by helping and giving to someone else. That is a blessing in itself. We must be willing to give without expecting anything in return and finding great joy in helping others. The state of our heart is whats important to God. One of the things that God wants to teach us is that there is a Great joy in giving and God loves a joyful giver. So in a world where greed and selfishness is taught let us take time to be thankful for what God has blessed us with and then see if there are blessings He has given us that we can give and share with someone else in need.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God bless.