Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ' And I said 'Here am I, Send me!' "

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  • No Man Can Serve Two Masters

    So I recently took a 31 day break from all social media. On October 3rd I felt like God had laid on my heart that I needed to fast and take some time to pray and seek Him. At the time I was spending way more time on social media than necessary and there were things in my life I needed to surrender and things I needed to learn. There were things God was trying to show me that I wasn’t seeing because I didn’t “have time” to spend listening to Him, so on October 4th I started my 31 day fast as instructed by the Lord.

    I’m not going to lie the first two weeks were a bit of a struggle. I would wonder if anyone messaged me or tagged me in something, if someone posted a photo I should see. It proved very tempting to pick up my phone to check any form of social media. Even though it was tempting I prayed through and slowly started to see how much it was ruling my life. I remember when I hit the middle of the second week. I was praying and during my time of prayer I heard God speak to my heart and say “Christine, no man can serve two masters” so I looked up where in Scripture that verse was. In the Scripture Jesus was referring to money but what masters our lives can be anything. I knew right then and there what God was saying to me. I knew what things in my life had to change. It explained what the fast was even for. There were things that needed to break in my life and in order for that to happen I had to surrender any form of self and allow God to help me bring it in to submission. How could I say that I was serving God if I spent more time on social media than I did with Him? How could I say that I was a servant of God when the thing mastering my life was social media? It was plain as day to me that if I wanted to have what God wanted for me I had to let go of what I thought was important and replace it with what He said was important.

    I spent 31 days praying to God and in that time I learned how to pray in more depth, I learned how to pray about others and I also learned how to pray about myself. I learned there are different kinds of prayer. It was very very freeing to do this. The longer I was away from social media the more free I felt. My mind wasn’t always somewhere else, my prayer life and spiritual life were growing. I was becoming more communicative with God, my family and my friends. I started doing things I hadn’t done in a long time because I had forgotten that I loved doing them so much. I watched movies I had been meaning to see, I read books I had meant to read, I prayed prayers that were long overdue, I spent more uninterrupted time with my family and with my friends. I grew in my relationship with God, I grew in my relationship with my family members and I grew in my friendships.
    I also got to analyze things in my life I was blind to because I was living in my phone.

    Ultimately the internet is a place many go to escape their lives, a place they can bend reality and make something as simple as getting coffee seem like the most amazing experience in the world when it really wasn’t. I highly recommend to any follower of Jesus who has neglected their time with God to really take a step back from social media and spend some time with Him. You will learn as I did to see the beauty in the reality of your life. There may be some not so beautiful parts too but God will show you how it all blends together to make a beautiful painting that is your life. Go out and live your life, you only get one and wasting it on social media is not what you want to do. Trust me, you will feel more refreshed and have more fun going out and living. God showed me so much about mine and I was very blessed by it all.
    Remember no man can serve two masters so please choose wisely.
    – Christine Sawyer
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  • Patience, Waiting, And Growing Pains

    How long are you willing to wait for something ? Patience is a big deal with God, it is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Patience goes with a lot of things, you can be patient waiting for things, you can be patient with people, you can be patient in a task. There are so many things in our day to day lives that require patience. Patience goes with the other fruits of the Spirit for example love, in order to love people and sometimes in order to be kind to them we have to be patient especially in a situation when they are being difficult. The thing about God is, usually when He asks us to do something it’s something we really don’t feel like doing, it’s usually the hard thing to do like being patient. But when God asks us to do something it’s because He wants us to grow in that area of our lives, He wants to teach us something, and He wants to help someone else as well. Growing in God is like physically growing in life.

    Remember growing pains ? When you were getting taller and your legs hurt really bad, but in the end when you were done growing you were much taller then you had been before and it literally shaped you as a person. There is also Spiritual growth that God wants to take place, and as He empties us of ourselves and starts to reshape us sometimes it hurts, but when He is done we are better then we were in the beginning. Another way to describe it is like a splinter. The splinter represents ou human nature, it gets in our way constantly and it doesn’t belong there. When getting it out sometimes it hurts alot, but once it’s out you can start to heal. So going back to patience, it is something that we have to pray and ask God to help us with. It is a fruit of the Spirit, so it is of God and in order to be patient we need God’s help. Getting the impatience out will be difficult and you will probably fall short a few times, but God will get you through it and when He does it will be better for you.

    The last thing I want to say is that you need patience in prayer. There are many times in the Bible that people prayed and it says that they prayed until God gave them the answer and usually that answer didn’t come for aa while. God’s timing is not our own and He wants us to have patience in prayer as well. But remember: anything that God asks you to wait for is always worth it.

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