Isaiah 6:8 "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ' And I said 'Here am I, Send me!' "

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  • Ten Years

    My name is Christine, I am 25 years old in a few weeks I will be turning 26 and I am a single woman of God. When I was 16 I made a promise before God and my family to live a chaste life as I waited for my future husband and that I would not date just to date but would date with the intent to marry. I made this promise so that I may live according to God’s will and for the protection of both myself and my future husband. My parents gave me for my 16th birthday a purity ring that I have worn ever since I made my promise.

    As the 10 year anniversary of that promise approaches in the next few weeks I have reflected on what it has meant in my life as well as how different my life could have been had I not made that promise. I personally feel that my promise to God and my future husband has helped me grow as a person as well as kept me from relationships or dating that could have pushed me off course of what God wanted for my life thus far.

    Once in my life I had prayed that God would keep any man who wasn’t meant to be my future husband away from me. I promise you He has kept to that prayer over the years when I was younger and as I got older He gave me the discernment to recognize who was not. I have been asked out on many dates since I made that promise and I have turned down many dates. Not because they were bad men or dangerous in any way but because I knew they were not my future husband.

    I have grown in so many ways as a person and child of God. I have grown in ways I might not have if I had been dating different men or had just been in a relationship in general. I have come to a peace in my singleness and I have found that praying for my future husband while we are a part as well as praying for our future for when we are together has helped me have a peace about who I am and where God has me in my life right now. I believe prayer is powerful and I pray for him, that he becomes all that God created him to be. I wouldn’t change a thing about where I am right now. I have found over and over again fulfillment in serving God, it is what I live for and it brings me joy and hope and happiness like no other. I have found a joy in my singleness and all that I have been able to do because of it.

    Singleness is a blessing and I think people need to start teaching it as one. To all my single sisters in Christ: you have a great gift. Being single gives you an opportunity to serve others, to grow in God, to accomplish goals and make dreams come true. You have family and friends who love you and a God who made your life with purpose. Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best for you. You are worth so much more than you could ever imagine. Allow God to grow you into the person He created you to be. I can’t promise you when He will bring your husband into your life or if it’s even His will that you have one. All I can promise you is that God has an amazing plan for your life and it doesn’t begin when you get married it began the day you are born and it will continue until He calls you home. Don’t waste your life waiting for a man to come into your life. Live and if God has a man who can compliment your life than you will know who that man is when the time is right.

    Ten years may seem like a long time but to me it’s been worth every moment of serving God and seeing where He is going to bring me next. Every season I’ve grown, I’ve learned and I’ve become better. I would wait forever if it meant that I could give my husband the joy of knowing that no matter who tried to come into my life, my love and heart was only ever for him.
    I really hope this has encouraged any of my single Woman of God women out there. Never forget how valuable you are to God, He loves you and He has a plan.



  • Ruth Didn’t Sit Around Waiting For A Man

    Ruth Didn’t Sit Around Waiting For A Man
    Over the past week I have felt led to talk about Ruth. A lot of young ladies are under the misconception that Ruth sat around waiting for Boaz to come and rescue her from her life. Many young women look to Ruth and Boaz as the ideal for what they want their love story to be like. If you ask a single woman “Is there anyone special in your life?” they will often reply “No, I’m still waiting for my Boaz.” This is often said with a twinge of longing and a melancholy sigh. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Ruth was not “Waiting for her Boaz.” What do I mean by that? What I mean is, Ruth was working and she was living her life. Ruth wasn’t looking for a man when she ran into Boaz, she was living her life and trying to build a life. Boaz was a blessing given to her by God for her faithfulness to Him and to Naomi.

    Ruth’s Backstory
    Ruth was a Moabite woman living in Moab with her Jewish husband and in laws. Ruth’s husband, father in law, and brother in law all passed away at the same time due to illness leaving Ruth, her mother in law Naomi, and her sister in law without husbands. Naomi decided to return home and she told her daughter in laws to stay in Moab so that they may find husbands and remarry as Jews and Moabites typically did not marry nor did they like each other. There was nothing in Naomi’s home land (Bethlehem) for Ruth but she chose to go with her mother in law anyway. Choosing to abandon her god’s and her home land to serve Jehovah and help her mother in law Ruth went to Bethlehem with Naomi.

    An unmarried woman had a hard time earning a living in those times. Marriage was the ideal situation for a woman in those days, but Ruth didn’t go for ideal she went with faithfulness and obedience to God and Naomi. Ruth had to find a way to provide for herself and Naomi. Ruth did so as we see in Ruth 2 that Ruth had gone to glean in the fields to provide for herself and Naomi. The field she happened upon was that of Boaz. Boaz was a relative of Naomi’s on her husband’s side. Ruth worked hard a diligently most likely looking a mess with her hair all disheveled, dirt all over her skin and clothes, dirt underneath her fingernails, she was probably even a bit sweaty. Yet as she was working Boaz noticed her and inquired about her. Boaz liked what he heard and what he saw. A woman who abandoned all that was familiar and stayed faithful to her mother in law and to God. Working hard to provide a life for them both. Boaz found that insanely attractive and he showed Ruth favor. The key part of this is Boaz took notice of Ruth while she was working, while she was living her life, while she was focusing on the task at hand. While she was trusting God and being faithful. Ruth’s character and heart is what brought her favor in Boaz’s eyes. He admired her character, her faithfulness to her mother in law, her heart, her courage and her work ethic.
    Now that we’ve established Ruth and what Boaz found attractive about her we need to talk about how this applies to you. Just like Ruth as a Woman of God you must live your life abandoning what is comfortable to you and being faithful to God, seeking God’s will, allowing Him to help you provide for a household like a Proverbs 31 woman, allowing Him to build your character. A godly man seeking a godly wife wants a woman of great character who can take care of a home, someone he can build his life with, he can build a home with and raise a family with, and someone he can be proud to call his wife. Ruth found favor in Boaz’s sight because she proved by her character and work ethic that she could do those things and Boaz was highly attracted to her. A man doesn’t want an incapable woman for his wife.

    A man wants a help mate, not a helpless mate. A man wants someone who can assist him on this crazy journey called life. A life of marriage takes years of preparation that starts long before a wedding is even remotely close. Being married is hard work and a godly man needs a godly woman strong enough to handle that. My advice to all single women out there is: Don’t put your life on hold “waiting for your Boaz.” Make a life for yourself. Pursue a relationship with God and seek His will for your life, set goals, dream dreams, find out where and what god wants you to do, be faithful and grow spiritually and emotionally, work hard and learn to take care of a household, become the godly woman God created you to be. Go where He leads you to go and who knows? Maybe while you’re busy working you’ll find yourself in “Boaz’s field.” And if you’ve faithfully done what God has asked of you until that day than you will have a life your Boaz will be honored to be a part of and you’ll be a wife he is proud to have a part of his. Remember nothing is more attractive to a godly man than a godly woman who reflects Proverbs 31. Make sure that’s what you are when you finally meet him. Trust me when I say on this ending note that you will have a better idea of who you want to spend the rest of your life with when you already know who you are to be. You can only know that when you seek God because it is there you will find yourself.
    - Christine Sawyer


  • Forgiveness/Excerpt From Lady In Waiting By Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones (Accompanying Song: Forgiveness By Toby Mac ft. Lecrae)


    “Agree with God that you have sinned and leave the sin before Him. Then guard yourself from entering into that sin pattern again. Learn a valuable lesson, but do not continue to beat yourself with condemnation. Jesus paid for your sins at Calvary. Do not continue to allow yourself or the enemy to defeat you with remembering a sin once you have confessed it to God and those you have offended. There may be consequences of your sin, but you do not have to live with the guilt of it. Even though you have been freed from guilt by confession, do not use it as an opportunity to continue in sin or to leave yourself open for temptation. Continue to choose freedom over sin’s mastery. Lay aside every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles you and run with endurance the race set before you (Heb. 12:1). How ? Fix your eyes on Jesus (not your sin, the past, or even yourself). Jesus is the Author and Perfector of your faith (see Heb. 12:2) There is one last response that brings complete freedom . You must forgive and forget the sins of those who sinned against you. Jesus is very clear in Mattew 5:21-24 about what to do with anger toward a brother. But how do you do it ? First choose to forgive them in your heart and then God will help you work through the emotions that remain. You will not be free of the hurt if you harbor bitterness. A quick way to ruin a beautiful complexion is to hold on to an unforgiving, bitter attitude.”

    An exerpt from “Lady In Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting For Mr Right” By: Jackie Kendall & Debby Jones

    This quote goes for any sin that you have done, God forgives you and He wants you to know that. If someone has sinned against you, you need to forgive them it is unhealthy to harbor anger against someone. We have all sinned and all fallen short but Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we can be saved. So don’t let the devil fill you with condemnation, that’s not his place. God forgives you and the devil has no power over it.

    John 8:36
    So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    Accompanying Song: Forgiveness By Toby Mac ft. Lecrae


  • Patience, Waiting, And Growing Pains

    How long are you willing to wait for something ? Patience is a big deal with God, it is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Patience goes with a lot of things, you can be patient waiting for things, you can be patient with people, you can be patient in a task. There are so many things in our day to day lives that require patience. Patience goes with the other fruits of the Spirit for example love, in order to love people and sometimes in order to be kind to them we have to be patient especially in a situation when they are being difficult. The thing about God is, usually when He asks us to do something it’s something we really don’t feel like doing, it’s usually the hard thing to do like being patient. But when God asks us to do something it’s because He wants us to grow in that area of our lives, He wants to teach us something, and He wants to help someone else as well. Growing in God is like physically growing in life.

    Remember growing pains ? When you were getting taller and your legs hurt really bad, but in the end when you were done growing you were much taller then you had been before and it literally shaped you as a person. There is also Spiritual growth that God wants to take place, and as He empties us of ourselves and starts to reshape us sometimes it hurts, but when He is done we are better then we were in the beginning. Another way to describe it is like a splinter. The splinter represents ou human nature, it gets in our way constantly and it doesn’t belong there. When getting it out sometimes it hurts alot, but once it’s out you can start to heal. So going back to patience, it is something that we have to pray and ask God to help us with. It is a fruit of the Spirit, so it is of God and in order to be patient we need God’s help. Getting the impatience out will be difficult and you will probably fall short a few times, but God will get you through it and when He does it will be better for you.

    The last thing I want to say is that you need patience in prayer. There are many times in the Bible that people prayed and it says that they prayed until God gave them the answer and usually that answer didn’t come for aa while. God’s timing is not our own and He wants us to have patience in prayer as well. But remember: anything that God asks you to wait for is always worth it.

    Charles Stanley Quote2